ant controlAnytime throughout the year, you can experience an ant problem, and it’s important to understand how to control the problem and the type of damage they can cause.

Ants can invade your home through even the tiniest cracks in their search for food and water. First, scout ants come in and determine whether you’re offering a prime location for the colony. They leave an invisible chemical trail that makes it easy for the other members of the colony to find their way in. Ants can just create a nuisance, but they can also damage wood and spread germs. Even when they’re just a nuisance, no one wants ants tracking through the kitchen.

It’s important to keep your home clean, promptly wiping spills to reduce the attraction. Ants are looking for food, so careful food storage helps prevent ants from identifying your home as a free source of food.

However, the best do-it-yourself treatments are typically not effective to control ants. These options only kill the ants you can see, not the ones nesting in your walls or floors. Left untreated, the colony will multiply and quickly get out of control.

To effectively eliminate the problem, you need a professional treatment designed to destroy their nests. This also helps prevent a return invasion by removing those invisible markers left by the scout ants. Our professional exterminators are highly trained at locating the hidden nests for thorough elimination.