Conquest Pest Solutions is a proud member of the National Pest Management Association and the Illinois Pest Control Association. This means that as a company, we are held to set standards to protect health, food, property, and environment. We strive to make your Des Plaines home or business as safe and pest free as possible, including pest services such as handling bed bug infestations, termite treatments, and rodent removal.

Bed Bug Control in Des Plaines

Bed bugs’ small stature and hiding skills make them a particularly difficult pest to spot and exterminate. Bed bugs don’t discriminate on where they will invade; they’ll enter homes and businesses and live within the furniture, clothing, and even behind wallpaper. They can come from anywhere, often traveling on shoes and clothing and dismounting once you enter a warm building.


A bed bug infestation is best spotted by the small red bumps they leave behind after feeding on a human host. If you notice you, your family members, or employees have a series of small red bumps on their body, it’s time to call Conquest Pest Solutions. Make sure to not move any furniture and try to keep everything where it is to prevent further infestation.


Home removal methods can only reduce populations temporarily which is why contacting a professional as soon as possible is the surest way to ensure the health and safety of you and those around you. Conquest Pest Solutions will arrive on your property, do a full inspection of the premises, and then explain the best personalized treatment plan for you. All of our products used to treat your pest problems are safe and applied in the most efficient way possible to protect your health and the environment all while turning your home or business back into a safe space.

Termite Inspections in Des plaines

Conquest Pest Solutions offers termite inspections for when you’re purchasing new property. We know how important purchasing a safe and beautiful home is for you and your family, so Conquest Pest Solutions guarantees a quick turnaround with the official paperwork needed to close the home.


Termites are not an issue that should be pushed off; a termite infestation can cause serious structural issues to your property. When we come to the property, we will search for any evidence of termites such as:


  • Compromised structural integrity.
  • Mud tubes.
  • Discarded termite wings.
  • Live termites.


This inspection will be thorough and quick, usually less than one hour, ensuring that you’re getting an accurate assessment of your future home.


This process applies to both new builds and existing properties and many lenders require a termite inspection to be completed prior to purchase. We will conduct the full inspection and then provide you with the official Wood Destroying Insect Infestation Inspection Report to the request or as soon as the findings are documented.

Rodent Control & Removal in Des Plaines

In addition to invaders of the insect variety, we also handle those of the furry variety. Rodents comprise one of the most common pest problems in the country, and have caused issues to humans for the entirety of our existence on Earth. They can carry disease, compromise structural integrity, and chew through wire in the home. Not only do they pose a health risk, the damage they cause can cost thousands of dollars in repair costs.


A rodent infestation can be identified fairly easily. Most often, a resident will find rat droppings around the property indicating that the rodents have been there recently. A resident will also be able to hear scratching noises in the walls or in the ceiling, most commonly at night, as rodents are a nocturnal animal. Once any suspicion arises that you may have a rodent problem, it’s time to call Conquest Pest Solutions. We provide a variety of rodent removal and rat control, including rodent deterrent, rat proofing, and rodent exclusion services.


The first step in rodent removal is preventing the issue in the first place. This is where the rat control strategy “rodent deterrent” comes into play. Rodent deterrent is a very thorough process of identifying possibly entry points for rodents, such as holes and cracks in the structure of a home, and sealing them off for good. This strategy also aids in deterring other pests such as ants and roaches. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your property and take note of any new holes that may appear in the structure of your home so additional fills can be made later on.


If you are in the process of building or remodeling your home, then rat proofing may be the way to go. Rat proofing, a rodent exclusion method, involves our experienced pest control professionals to detect any potential weak spots or entrance points in the structure of your home that need to be sealed to prevent any rodent access. Our in-house professionals have construction experience, therefore we can offer the installation of durable materials to stand up against rodent’s attempts at entering your home.

We got your back— no matter what

Conquest Pest Solutions believes in our ability to solve your pest concerns so much that we offer free quotes and inspections to all prospective clients. We also do not lock our customers into contract; you are free to call and ask for our services any time, obligation-free. We have been servicing Chicago and its surrounding suburbs for over 20 years, and have lived and worked here for many before that. You can trust our experienced professionals to handle any of issue you need as efficiently and effectively as possible.