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Located just a short drive from Chicago, Wilmette remains one of the most enjoyable towns in the state of Illinois. Residents love Wilmette’s laid-back atmosphere and convenient location. Like homeowners in the area, local businesses must take the necessary steps to keep away pests. Here are three pests that are known for causing problems.


Termites have a reputation for causing an extensive amount of property damage. Subterranean termites are especially destructive. If you fail to take action in a timely manner, you could be facing thousands of dollars in repairs. It only takes these wood-eating insects a short time to completely demolish a dwelling from the inside out.

Because subterranean termites need moisture to survive, they typically form colonies in the soil. However, mud tubes enable termites to safely reach their above-ground feeding spots. From crawlspaces to leaky roofs, termites can be found in a variety of different places. If you happen to notice termites swarming near your property during the spring season, you should call a professional exterminator immediately.


Roaches are some of the oldest pests on the planet. Over the years, these tough-nosed insects have endured nature’s most challenging obstacles. Once roaches get inside your home, they will be extremely difficult to get rid of. Very few household pests reproduce at a faster rate. A female roach can easily lay more than 200 eggs in a single year. If you spot a roach scampering across your kitchen counter, it is a sign of even bigger problems to come.

The presence of roaches is certainly a serious issue. Not only can roaches contaminate food, but they also spread sickness. These insects are particularly prone to exacerbating allergy and asthma symptoms. You certainly can’t overlook the potential embarrassment that roaches can cause. While business owners stand to lose customers, homeowners risk being humiliated in front of their guests.


The mere thought of a rodent infestation can send shivers down your spine. Rodents are unsanitary creatures that can create a big mess. In order to prevent rodents from taking refuge inside your dwelling, you must keep it tightly sealed at all times. Even a slight opening will allow mice to easily gain entry into your home.

Rodents can cause your life at home to quickly become a living nightmare. The musky odor stemming from an infestation can linger in the air for days at a time. Aside from spreading bacteria, rodents can severely damage your property. Sharp teeth enable these pests to gnaw through a variety of different things, including important paperwork and expensive furniture. Rodents can also become a fire hazard. By biting through an electrical wire, a mouse may cause an entire building to go up in flames.

Be sure to contact Conquest Pest Solutions for all of your pest control issues. From bed bugs to spiders, our certified technicians are professionally trained to handle all of the area’s most common pests. We make it a priority to use non-toxic formulas that won’t jeopardize your family’s health. Don’t hesitate to call for a free quote on service.