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Pest infestations occur throughout the year for homeowners in Skokie. The climate here in the summer sends rodents and other pests indoors in search of food and water. The wintertime also drives them inside to escape from the cold temperatures and frequent snowfall. Whether you’re dealing with rodents, termites or another common pest, Conquest Pest Solutions is here to help.

3 Common Pests in Skokie

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are common in larger cities, including the suburbs such as Skokie. These insects have small, flat bodies and thrive in numerous places from homes and hotel rooms to transport vehicles. They feed on blood and are active mostly at night when they can prey on people as they sleep.

Bed bugs aren’t known for transmitting diseases, but their bites can form itchy welts and rashes on your skin. They breed often and quickly spread throughout interior living spaces, taking refuge in bedding, furniture and other crevices in the room. They’re difficult to remove with conventional do-it-yourself treatments, which makes it important to contact pest control professionals at the first sign of bed bugs.


Rodents have roamed the planet for far longer than humans have. They’ve spread the plague and other diseases to people for centuries and invaded granaries, restaurants and other places where people eat and drink. When they infiltrate your home, they risk spreading diseases through their saliva, feces, fur and dander.

Rodents also cause damage to homes and businesses as they chew on wires and gnaw holes in walls. They enter pantries and raid boxed goods, contaminating your food during the night. Because these pests breed numerous times per year, it’s a good idea to speak with a professional pest control expert before they multiply out of control.


Termites cause more damage than all the storms combined in a year. They’re constantly gnawing away at the wood structure of your home, causing thousands of dollars in damages. Because they look like ants, these pests often go untreated by residents in Skokie.

A termite colony can devour up to 6 pounds of wood in a single year. As the colony expands, it puts your home’s structural integrity at risk. A pest control professional can identify the colony, eradicate the members and set up preventative methods to stop future termite invaders.

Professional Pest Control in Skokie

You don’t have to live with rodents, bed bugs and other pests no matter the season. Contact Conquest Pest Solutions to get your free quote and to set up an appointment with our qualified technicians. If you let rodents, bed bugs and termites invade without intervention, you’ll have to deal with a massive infestation later, costing you more time and money. Let our experienced team come in, inspect your home and eliminate the pests on the spot while preventing a reinfestation in the future.