Pest Control Winnetka, IL

ant controlCultural and educational opportunities are two of the reasons you’ll find a diverse and dynamic population in Winnetka, IL. This affluent North Shore community boasts homes and buildings designed by world-renowned architects, and its lakefront location is a major plus. While residents are proud to call Winnetka home, this desirable Chicago suburb isn’t immune to the pest problems plaguing other communities.

Rodent Control

With over 2230 identified species, it’s easy to see why rodents can be found in cities, suburbs and rural areas around the world. They’re also quite busy in the waste-production department, creating health risks everywhere they go. From rare but potentially dangerous rat bites to the sometimes-fatal hantavirus spread by deer mouse droppings, rodents can truly wreak havoc. Rats and mice also chew on wiring, creating another hazard in the form of electrical fires.

Keep boxes and other clutter away from your home, and maintain a debris-free lawn. Scare off rodents by checking your home and garden store for owl decoys that move with the wind. Always make sure your garbage cans lids are tightly sealed.

Bed Bug Prevention

Global travel and the flow of used and new goods have made the bloodsucking bed bug ubiquitous in most of the country, and especially in and around major cities like Chicago. Whether you’ve picked them up via your clothing at the movie theater or brought them in on your latest vintage furniture find, these pests pose a threat to your home and its inhabitants.

Bed bugs aren’t disease carriers, but they can cause allergic reactions in those with sensitivities. And a bed bug infestation can spread from your belongings to your mattress and virtually all of your home’s nooks and crannies. The problem can become even worse in hotels and other businesses, where the bugs can migrate into multiple rooms and create public-relations disasters for owners. Examine furniture before bringing it into your home, and inspect the sheets and mattress in your hotel room for dark or reddish-brown specks before settling in.

Ant Control

Ant infestations are one of the most common types of pest invasions in this country. Ants, especially the carpenter ants you’re likeliest to be affected by in Winnetka, are not physically dangerous. However, an infestation can cost you a lot of money. Carpenter ants often enter homes in search of food and water or an indoor source of damp wood. They burrow through the wood in your house, causing a serious threat to its structural integrity.

Control water leaks, immediately clean up spills and seal any gaps or cracks in your home’s exterior walls. Eliminate or correct the sources of pooled water near the house; improperly directed gutters are a common problem. Firewood, tree stumps and dead branches are popular nesting spots for ants, so stay on top of tree maintenance and store wood as far from your house as possible.

Help maintain quality of life at your home or business in Winnetka, IL by following our tips for preventing ant, rodent or bed bug infestations. If you already have these or other pests in your home, Conquest Pest Solutions is here to help. We’ll develop a quick, effective pest control treatment plan so you can feel comfortable and secure again. We’ll also assist with preventing future infestations. Call Conquest’s friendly pest pros today at 847-674‑3323!